Tuesday, January 25, 2011

TRTPH! Complete preview of all gifts!

Yay! it only took a bit longer than we wanted, but here is the complete preview of the gifts for the hunt!

Hopefully I got all of them right!*nods* Be sure to read the descriptions and the titles to know what comes from where and if its a lounge or regular gift!

I don't usually take pictures for stuff like that so forgive me if they are terrible xD

Hope you all enjoy!

You can also follow the link on the side bar with the flickr steam on it.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Offical Hints!

Here are the hints for the hunt! Most are filled out, we will change the few that say adding soon as well as Skip for now once we have the information! Good luck and happy hunting!

::Gehenna:: - Well that is a rather fitting place for something royal.
[]Fake Soup[] - Hes big and hes round
The color of ground

Shaggy and Hairy
A little bit scary

And oh...hes sat on the cup!
[CW] Systems - Hats off!
[bubble] - Hang your jacket near the voodoo doll
Jabberwocky - The Hatter always thought Tea Time was "Top Hat" in his book!
Avatar Bizarre - You have to have the eyes of a dragon to see a cup this small!
Deviant Designs - SHOES: Come and have a cup of tea with our members
Bambi's - Tea will be served shortly! Please have a seat...
*RoTtEn DeFiAnCe* - I like to drink my tea while reading :D
FlufferNutterz You have to be Royal to drink from this cup.
::{Sugar.Snap.Me}:: - Sipping tea is even better gazing at the sparkling glow of the chandelier!
Dreams in Digital Art Gallery - Up Up and Away!
Pestique - Such a precious cup should be hidden away in a chest
DramaZone - Read the news
Dead Bunny - The white rabbit brought some tea to his family too bad they can no longer drink it
ImmateriA - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat
Razorblade Jacket - Fallen Angels will guide the way
.::ODB::. - Even Freaks enjoy a tea party
Cheeky Pea - Lindens have been eaten!? Goodness, I better drink some tea to calm my nerves.
[M] - I prefer Tea, not coffee, thank you very much.
MadPea Store - Nothing better than a cup of tea for grumpy old ladies!
Altya's Dream Creations - I didn't even know creatures like that could fly and use a bath that small!
.:.:: Malfean Visions ::.:. - You're late for TEA!
=SzonDesigns= - Hmmmm... Perhaps a cup holder would have been appropriate....
Carrasco's - Would you prefer coffee or tea with your cookies?
.:CoLLisions:. - Anyone seen a waitress? Well she won't be getting a tip when she's never bothered to clean this table off.
Xen Build - Hello bright hunter, allow me to illuminate yoru way.
*diavolicious* - Even if he is sooooo late, he will stop for a moment to drink tea with you! And he is white.
*~* RnB Designs Furniture *~* - Find Alice Tea Time Scene and you'll have me!
Sweet Nirvana Main Store - Sometimes you just get lucky.
Dolome Designs - Well that is a rather nice tea set, though that cup just doesn't seem to match the others.
Genira Fantasy Roleplay - Alice fell. Make sure you don't! Stay on the level and you'll find your gift quickly!
Daallinii's Creations - Hummm... This cup doesn't have the same pattern as others...
Calamity Hathaway Creations - Tea will be served upon a table made of diamonds.
*Bad Juju* - I'll take my tea in the attic, Jeves.
~The Delectable Doll~ - Just relax and have a cup of tea... getting yourself all worked up over silly little cups is never any good.
[Acide!] - Acid is dangerous!
cleo design - I am listening music and waiting for you to fınd me..Yes Iam on a music box
Ema's - Telling your fortune by tea leaves is easy but not as easy as a crystal ball.
MANDRAGORA - Some poison Ivy tea?
Tay's Trinkets - A place in the country, quiet and neat,
Perfect for tea and cupcakes and sweets.
It’s not on the mantle, it’s not on the sides,
In one of the corners is where this lil cup hides.
Kastle Rock Couture - Pewter flowers...well those are rather pretty.
Besieged - The skull necklace has a taste for tea..
Kabuki Creations - I wonder if the little black box would stop the cup from getting destroyed too in a crash.
Misera - I may be a teacup but we need rest too!
Coull Creations - Black Beauty? Hm, isn't that the name of a horse?
Saturnine Dreams - This one is for the birds!
~That Place...~ - How did that get up there?
*+Kotori+* - Take a seat and have a cup of tea surrounded by butterflies
.:SS:. Spearsong - Behind what’s on your behind!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gift Preview #1

 Yay! Here is the first preview of some of the gifts you will be getting along the way! at least those that I have gotten thus far and that I could find in my inventory! I will post another once I get more gifts! There are a few male gifts as well but...well i don't have a decent male shape, but ill post them asap! Enjoy!

First up we have the gift from *+Kotori+*

Next from Saturnine Dreams!

Third!  ::{Sugar.Snap.Me}:: The table is full of goodies and you can, of course, sit on the chairs. And the box surrounding it is completely enclosed with a skylight on the ceiling!

The next two are from Kastle Rock Couture

Now we have Tay's Trinkets. The First picture is the gift you receive at her store and the second is the one you get from The Royal Lounge!

Next is *Bad Juju* The first picture is the gift from the Royal Lounge. Tea with the Caterpillar. It is a mini floating island with a tea set in the middle and mudrooms around it, which you can sit on! Beneath that is one of the gifts you get from her store. She also included a pair of Mens boots, though that picture is not posted just yet.

And now the Royal Lounge gift from Prestique!

Next from Daallinii's Creations! It even gives out tea!

This one is from Bambi's! Both gives out drinks as well!

Next we have ~That Place...~ The bed is complete with animations and everything!

This one is from .:SS:. Spearsong. An awesome tattoo that comes on tons of different layers and shades!

This next one is the Royal Lounge gift from MadPea Productions! Its like a mini slot machine on your head. you click it and if you win, coins spit out from the hat and scatter along the floor! (Tep rez of course =P)

And Last for this post is the female gift from ::Gehenna:: It includes the skin as well, which is listed below with a little bit of a closer picture.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Hunt Starts Soon!

Woot Woot! Im excited! The Huds will go out for sale tomorrow and everyting will be underway!

In the next few days, I will be posting previews of the gifts that are being given out! And just before the hunt begins, I will be posting the Hints! Hope everyone is ready for it to begin!

The hunt begins January 15th 2011 at 12:00am!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Almost Full!

It's exciting...really. We are at just over 40 stores at the moment! Even that is super good. The blog will be updated withing the next few days to include all the current vendors of participating in the hunt. The hud is well underway! I hope everyone is as excited as I am! ^_^

Monday, September 27, 2010

Welcome to ♦♠The Royal Tea party Hunt ♣ ♥

 ::Gehenna::, []Fake Soup[], and ..::Rasetsukoku::.. Present:

♦♠The Royal Tea party Hunt ♣ ♥
January 15th – February 15th 2011


Welcome! This post contains very vital information for possible vendors and hunters alike. Below will be a guide to what this post contains.

♦ ♠The Royal Tea party Hunt ♣ ♥ Information:
    ♦1) Introduction
    ♠2) Information for Vendors
            A) Vendor Rules
♦1) Introduction
        Welcome to The Royal Tea Party Grid Wide Hunt! This is somewhat your average hunt and somewhat not. What exactly is it then? Well let us tell you! Hunters will purchase a hud for a small fee(L$200) that they MUST wear during the hunt in order participate and receive the prizes. As hunters travel through the hunt and find the hidden item, boxes will be marked off on their hud and new SLURL’s will be given out to the next store. Once a hunter has found the hunt item at ALL the participating stores and all the boxes are marked, a larger button at the bottom of the Hud will ‘appear’, allowing the hunter access to the “Royal” area filled with super extra goodies and such from the participating vendors! At the very end of the hunt(Around the 16th of February) All the proceeds made from the hunt from hunters purchasing the huds and possible donations will be split evenly among all the participating stores!

        This is a hunt where not only do the hunters get HIGH QUALITY items that makes it worth actually paying to do a hunt, but a hunt that also benefits the Vendors in more than a way of just bringing traffic into the store! With the success of +The Macabre Hunt+ under our belt, this was a challenge we were more than happy to take on. More information for hunters will be available as the date for the hunt draws near, but if you are interested in being a vendor, please read on for more information and an application! It is a bit lengthy, but it is necessary.

♠2) Information for Vendors

        First and foremost, thank you for your interest in possible joining our hunt. There will be a MAXIMUM of 50 stores in the hunt so if you are interested in joining best to do so as soon as possible. However, please be certain that you are able to meet the terms and conditions that will be set forth. Hunters will be buying an item they MUST wear during the hunt in order for them to get any of the hunt items. This item that is to be bought, a hud, will cost $L200. This is, of course, not average for a hunt, but this isn’t an average hunt. All the proceeds that are made from the hunt through sales of the hud and perhaps donations will ALL go onto an avatar created FOR this hunt. The Day after the end of the Hunt(February 16th) All the proceeds will be divided evenly among all the vendors who were involved in the hunt for its entire length. Awesome right? I know! Who doesn’t want linden?
        Now, Liliane Despres(..::Rasetsukoku::..), Travie Tyles([]Fake Soup[]) and I, Ryoko Darrow(::Gehenna::), have a high standard for those who join our hunts. As the hosts of +The Macabre Hunt+ we strive that our hunts be something that is WORTH a hunter spending their time going through. We inspect every single store that applies and ONLY accept those we feel will be able to fit into the theme and quality of our hunts.
        Because TRTPH is actually one that hunters will need to pay for to participate in, there are a few rules that must be followed. If, for some reason, you do not feel that you can follow any of the rules listed below, we kindly ask that you do not attempt to participate in our hunt.

A) Vendor Rules:
        1) You MUST create a male AND a female item, or an item that is unisex. Not one or the other. Absolutely NO exceptions. If you are unable to create hunt gifts that are for a Male and a Female or Unisex, then this is not the hunt for you. Too often Men are forgotten in most hunts that are out there and we just don’t think that’s fair! They deserve to participate in hunts just as much as everyone else!
        2) Your items should be of very good quality. Nothing that is tossed together in two seconds and looks terrible. Put some thought, care, and love into your work! This is not meant offensive to anyone, but if I paid to do a hunt(As a hunter of course) and I got something horrible as a gift I would not be happy at all. If you make a fantastic item, then that person will spread the word to their friends, then those people will join, and tell people who will also join and Huzzah! More Linden for all of us to split in the end!
        3) Be certain that you will be available when the hunts begins. January 15th and a few days before to be able to actually set up your item. If you are not able to be around at this time, best not to apply, of course.
        4) You will need to create a New item for the hunt, Though the hunt runs between January 15th though February 15th, this is NOT a Valentine’s Hunt. While, if you wish, you may do something Valentine’s Day related, we do not encourage it. Also, please keep your item exclusive during the Hunt. Afterwards, you may sell it of course.
            -However, IF you intend to make something to go into the “Royal Lounge” as well, which we would LOVE for everyone who participates in the hunt to do to. We ask that you create the item made to go into the ‘Royal Lounge’ as an exclusive item meaning it will ONLY ever be available in this hunt. Though we cannot force you to do such, of course, we feel that if hunters are offered something that will be “one of a kind” it makes that goal of getting to the end of the hunt all that more rewarding.
        5) Please be certain to keep your sign up for the hunt at your store. Remember, the more information that gets out about the hunt the better! It means more participants! Also, in December, we will be needing stores willing to allow a kiosk to be placed down at their stores for selling of the Huds. This, of course, will be a bit down the road and more information will follow soon, but something to keep in mind!
       6) No mall spots please. Main stores only. Not this is not saying your store can not have other stores around it, but the LM and SLURL you send in with your application MUST drop a hunter in or RIGHT in front of your store. No exceptions.

        Still interested? Well then by all means! Please fill out the application below!

Application for ♦ ♠The Royal Tea party Hunt ♣ ♥

This is an application for The Royal Tea party Hunt

Please make certain that you have the Rules before applying for the hunt. Thank you.

Please create a notecard in world and name it 'TRTPH Application – [Your Store Name]' and return it to Ryoko Darrow.

Please note, application may take some time to process. We do go and inspect every store who wishes to participate to prevent mall spots and check the quality of your products.

Thank you for your interest in the hunt. If you have any question before applying, please Contact Ryoko Darrow or Travie Tyles.
You only need to include the Text beneath this line
The Royal Tea party Hunt Application

Store Name(as you wish for it to appear):


Second Contact: (If applicable)




Store Sign/Logo (For the Blog. Please be sure it contains
your Store name and is Full Perm)

Have you read and can abide by the rules?

Are you able to make a male AND female item, or something that is unisex?

Idea for hunt item(If you have any yet):

Are you interested in creating an extra hunt gift to be placed in the “Royal Lounge” Location?:

Are you willing to have a kiosk that will be used for selling the hud placed at your store?:

Notes: (Please include any questions you may have, if we need to invite another avatar other then yourself, etcetera)

Thank you for your interest.
Please send your applications to Ryoko Darrow.

If you are accepted you will be given a notecard of acceptance and a group invite.